The Communication & Collaboration Portal Designed for your Small-Medium Business
or Not-for-Profit 501C Orginazation

Team-Flowtm, is the On-Demand, Software as a Service (SaaS), Web based communication, collaboration, document, and information sharing portal designed specifically for the Small & Medium business (SMB) community and Not-for-Profit, (NFP) organizations. 

Team-Flowtm brings its third generation "Web 2.0" software platform of secure messaging, calendaring and collaboration tools to the NFP and SMB space.  Based on a mature software foundation that is currently deployed in more than a hundred thousand organizations worldwide, servicing almost 1 million users!  Team-Flow brings all of the horsepower typically seen only in large organizations to your business or team, regardless of size.

Team-Flowtm is hosted and supported by a team of professionals that have more than 100 years of combined IT, technical professional services, business and marketing expertise.

Our Vision:
Our goal is simply to be the best email and collaboration suite for the SMB marketplace, period.  To be the best in its class, it is necessary to continually evolve in response and anticipation to our customers' needs and demands.  Our belief is that this can be achieved only by being a customer-centric business: listening to our customers feedback and addressing their needs is not only another task for us, but the essence of everything we do.

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